Ursula Maria to play the villain in new futuristic movie “The B3AST” 

Austrian actress Ursula Maria is going to play the role of the villain Monica in the futuristic feature “The B3ast” alongside name talent including Willie Gault, Calvin Cylk Cozart, Rober Ri’chard, Russel Hornsby and many more. 

The B3AST” is a futuristic film that takes place in 2032 when humankind is faced with an unusual virus that is not detectable by modern medical technology. The virus transmitted through newly printed $20 bills from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is a mystery in regards to its origin. The outbreak spreads from the United States and throughout the world within hours. Humankind faces extinction with the possibility of the virus spreading atmospherically. 

The movie will be produced by Caesar Bijou in collaboration with the Louisiana film Association

In the last decade, Louisiana has nurtured a blossoming film industry. Cost effective skills workforce, new infrastructure,  diverse locations and a long term commitment to the entertainment tax incentives have seen the number of Louisiana productions skyrocket in the last 10 years. Over 14,000 jobs are supported by Louisiana’s film industry, and that number constantly grows. 

“The history of Louisiana and the film industry is a memorable one. The films associated with Louisiana are held in high regard. “THE B3AST” was born with Louisiana in mind.” so Caesar. 

“Ursula will be playing the role of “Monica ”, the personal assistant to the President of the United States of America. Her character turns out to be the key turning point to the plot of the film and the President’s future.”