5 Photoshoot Theme Ideas You’ll Love

camera and lighting set up for a photoshoot
selective focus of digital camera on backstage in photo studio

Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, see a really neat photoshoot theme, and thought to yourself, “I wish I could be creative like that” while lounging around and snacking on popcorn? You can be creative like that! Photoshoots are a great way to promote products, prompt discussion, grab attention, commemorate memories, and document important parts of our lives. Everybody knows about the classic country and wilderness themes that use the natural environment to contrast those individuals in the photoshoot. Still, there are a slew of ideas you’ve never even considered to be unique and original while feeling great about your photoshoot. Let’s look at five theme ideas you’ve probably never seen or heard of to bring some eccentric life to your next photoshoot.

  1. Normal, Everyday Life

Why is it that photoshoots have to be some staged magical moment? Most photos you see are clearly doctored and staged. Some of the best wedding photos are taken when people are unaware, enjoying themselves at the reception, or are taken when the wedding party is getting dressed and prepared for the big day. Try to bring that same level of unaware, unapologetically unstaged normalcy into your everyday life photoshoot. Cooking in the kitchen, playing with children, working out… sometimes, when we’re least expecting it, we can accidentally capture the most magical moments. If you take dozens to hundreds of still photos of your everyday life, you’d be shocked to see the beauty you will find, giving you a greater appreciation for all you have!

  1. Timespan Shots

If you want something unique, use the exact location every day for a period of time. Perhaps every day isn’t even necessary. Utilize the same spot once a week or once a month, even. You can pose the same way or position your pet or family in the same general area. While the humans or pets in the pictures might change over time ever so slightly, the landscape is sure to change based on weather, season change, and other disruptions in the landscape caused by various events or forces. Over time, you’ll capture an extraordinary perspective change regarding our planet or local communities. 

  1. Macro Shooting

Everything can be beautiful, even if it’s something hideous. Taking extremely close and personal pictures of something gives a different perspective. Carpets, skin, leaves and bark, pet paws, food, bugs… you name it. Taking very close distance macro shots is a great way to capture the world around us that we take for granted. Intricacies are everywhere, and we take them for granted. 

  1. Reflections

You can do some amazing things with reflections. We’ve all seen people utilizing mirrors and a still pond in different photoshoots all over the internet but try to think bigger and more uniquely. You can use a window in perfect light to take photos that result in almost other-dimensional displays. For example, you can simultaneously capture somebody inside a shop and a passer-by’s reflection—one picture in two. Mirrors underwater allow for some fantastic effects that haven’t been popularized. If you want something unique, the limits are endless with reflections.

  1. Double Exposures

Underrated. Double exposures used to be an accidental phenomenon, but with today’s software and the lack of necessity for the actual film, we can create some awesome displays. Consider generational double exposures, overlaying three generations of women or men in a family. Perhaps a child with a sport or a pet playing outdoors. Possibilities are endless, with double and triple exposures layered on one another!

Over 30 years behind the lens translates to professional and unique photographs of big events and life’s little moments. If you’re interested in capturing any of these fun, unique ideas, check out the website or call the office at (206) 409-9982 to set up a fun photoshoot with Dani Weiss Photography today!