Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Photographer Before The Photoshoot

Photographer working with his team during a photo shoot in a studio

Thorough planning is integral for the success of any photo session, be it for your wedding, senior photos, or a family shoot, as these moments hold significant memories you aim to capture beautifully. To ensure a seamless process and alignment of expectations, it is essential to pose these 10 key questions to your photographer before the shoot. This proactive approach not only fosters preparedness but also establishes clear communication, ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page and committed to creating lasting and cherished memories.

  • Will you do the photoshoot yourself? Ensure clarity on who will handle your session – the same photographer you met or an associate. At Dani Weiss Photography, we communicate in advance about the team member you’ll be working with.

  • How long will the session be? For scheduled family photoshoots, weddings, or corporate events, understanding the session duration is crucial. Discussing this with clients upon initial contact helps manage expectations and plan accordingly.

  • Do you need a shot list? Some photographers prefer shot lists to understand your priorities regarding poses, groups, and locations. Dani Weiss Photography guides clients in preparing for the shoot to ensure optimal outcomes.

  • What is included in the package? Clarify package inclusions regarding time, albums, and copyright for photos. Knowing these details in advance avoids surprises, and at times, photographers may provide smaller files for social media use.

  • How do you handle payment? Discuss payment procedures, including deposits, full payment timelines, and potential additional fees for exceeding scheduled session time. This ensures transparency, especially when dealing with highly sought-after photographers who may need reservations far in advance.

  • What will happen if your photographer can’t make it to the photoshoot? Inquire about emergency plans, especially for significant events like weddings. Having contingency measures in the contract provides assurance for such situations.

  • Do you offer retouching? Learn about retouching policies and whether additional fees apply. While color and tonal improvements are standard, not every image may undergo extensive retouching. Clients can choose specific images for this service.

  • Is there a fee for overtime? Understand the photographer’s policy on overtime fees in case the event or photoshoot exceeds the initially scheduled time. This ensures preparedness for unforeseen delays or schedule changes.

  • What do you need from me before the shoot? Communicate with the photographer about necessary details before the photoshoot, allowing for a smooth process. Well-established photographers ask questions in advance to minimize interruptions and focus on documenting the event effectively.

  • How do you deliver the final product? Make sure you have a clear understanding about deliverables—when you’ll get your photos, if you’ll receive high-res files or actual prints, and whether or not your photographer can help you make an album—before you sign on the dotted line. These questions will ensure you’re both on the same page.


Dani Weiss Photography leverages 34 years of experience as a professional photographer in Atlanta with a keen eye and desire for capturing the best moments. Dani’s enthusiasm and expertise can handle any situation, event, portrait session, or ceremony.