How Can a CRM System Help My Moving Company?

CRM software for moving company
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Successfully running a moving company involves a lot more than just loading and unloading a moving truck. As people move, whether from one side of town to the other or across the country, they hire moving companies and expect a seamless experience. 

Investing in a CRM system will help moving companies effectively handle their volume by keeping it organized and keeping customers satisfied. With so many different aspects of the business, from the phone call inquiring about moving services to unloading the final box, everything needs to be kept in one centralized location. And, that’s your CRM system. 

Maintaining Customer Information

When you have multiple moving clients and each has its own specific circumstances, it can be difficult to keep everything straight. Even having a dedicated file system where you jot down notes for each specific client can get sloppy – and things can very easily get missed. 

If someone needs packing supplies, you want to show up with the packing supplies. If someone has a delicate item that they gave special instructions about when moving, your crew needs to know that. It isn’t just about the size of the job or how many employees you will need for it, it is about all the small details that can make or break customer satisfaction – and ultimately your reputation. 

With a CRM system, all this information is in a designated spot that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. That way everyone shows up prepared and in the loop. Your customers remain happy and your company stays organized. 

Follow Your Marketing Efforts

You market your moving business in an effort to help it grow. But how do you know if what you are doing is working? There is a good chance you have no way to track your leads, determine which ones are a higher priority, monitor their communication with the sales team, etc. 

How can you convert a lead if you don’t know where the issue is? 

With the right CRM system, you have clear visibility of your leads along the way. You always know where the lead came from and your sales team will get notified right away that it came in. Customized emails and SMS templates are ready to go when that lead comes in so you can act fast without having to worry about manually doing the work. 

Use dedicated scripts, schedule follow-ups, and monitor sales performance – all with a CRM system. 

Streamline Your Operations

Once you get your leads streamlined, you want the rest of your business to be just as efficient. If you have many different moves happening simultaneously, you need to be able to monitor everything all at once, including your schedule and your resources. 

Again, not having visibility is a problem. You won’t be able to manage your resources appropriately, you will likely end up with overbookings, and so forth. But with a CRM system, you will have all the details right at your fingertips. You will know when a job is scheduled, when it is finished, and what slots you have open for a new customer. It is truly the only way you will keep everything flowing smoothly. 

Reporting and Insights

Imagine being able to run reports on work done and be able to see ways in which you could make your processes more efficient in the future. And what if you could see trends that would help you to raise rates during peak times and also have more or less crew on hand to handle the expected work? 

Sticking with the visibility theme, it’s clear that you need it. And a good CRM system will be able to show you all types of information with the click of a button. That’s something you won’t get with your manual way of doing things. 

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