Building a 1m Community From Exotic Locations with Cindy Tran

cindy tran

When you search for Cindy Tran on Instagram, you’re greeted with many photos of her impressive physique. It’s no wonder that she has struck up a following of over 890,000 on the platform. People aren’t just drawn to Cindy because of her figure. Through every post and story, you can see Cindy is authentically herself. She has taken her passion of working out and fitness into a new realm – she is now a full time fitness influencer, trainer and avid traveller. Let’s take a deeper dive into the woman behind the Instagram account.

What Sets Her Apart

Cindy credits much of her success to lessons she learned from her father. She cites him as her biggest inspiration and role model. As a first generation American, she watched her father work extremely hard to chase his dream and support his family. Cindy says it was this upbringing that shaped her into the driven, hard working person she is today. Without this foundation, she would not have had the courage necessary to start sharing her fitness journey on Instagram, quit college, move to Miami, and start a line of athletic wear. As Cindy says, hard work pays off almost 100% of the time – if you truly believe in yourself and your product, anything is possible.

All About Her Fitness

If you check out Cindy’s fitness page on Instagram, you get a clear idea of what kind of workouts helped her create the incredible body. Cindy uses a mix of weights, cardio, HIIT training, and pilates. Cindy focuses on lifting heavy weights, particularly for lower body workouts. You’ll also see her hitting lots of burpees and squat jumps during HIIT workouts. Of course, she keeps her routine well rounded by including cycling and pilates, as well.

Cindy prides herself on being totally natural, in a world where influencers in particular are encouraged to get cosmetic enhancements. She wants to influence others to love the skin they’re in and teach others how to shape their bodies naturally with exercise. As for food, you’ll see that the food pictures on Cindy’s Instagram feature lots of whole foods and balanced meals – protein, carbs, and fats via an array of meats, veggies, and grains. Cindy also says one of her favorite things to do is go out and try new restaurants with her friends.

On Mindset

Health, positivity, and security – these are Cindy’s core values. In fact, you’ll hear Cindy talk a lot about positivity. It is what has kept her grounded and motivated throughout her journey on social media. She tries not to get caught up in what other influencers are doing – instead focusing on being authentic to herself.

Cindy’s secret to success is a perfect mix of positivity, hard work, and passion. She says that she’s seen hard work pay off time and time again. Since sharing her love for fitness on Instagram, she has been met with opportunities she never dreamed of. People continue to hit follow because it’s clear what a true passion she has for fitness. As she began realizing that this could be a career, she chased it down with the same work ethic as she was instilled with from a young age.

Cindy says one of the best things to happen to her in this role is being an inspiration for others. Cindy has begun to build her fitness empire with her athletic wear line, and this is just the beginning. She plans to continue to build her empire with a focus on inner and outer beauty, with the main goal of inspiring and motivating others.


What attracted almost 1 million followers is not only her amazing personality, fitness routines and cuteness but also her surroundings made of exotic sceneries, island retreats, yachting days and luxurious hotels. Cindy Tran loved traveling since she was a kid and she is incredibly proud of her current status that allow her to travel anytime she wants, all thanks to her work ethic and determination.

Curious what all the hype is about? Check out Cindy on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.