Best Places Landowners Can List Their Properties to Make Money from RVers

Do you own a piece of land that you’re not using? If so, do not miss out on some money-making potential! Listing your property as an RV campsite could be the perfect solution to bring in extra revenue. With more and more people choosing to travel in RVs, there is a growing demand for places where they can stay. Landowners have the opportunity to benefit from the current trend of RV travel by offering their properties as camping sites for travelers. Various online platforms are available for landowners to advertise their properties and draw in potential customers. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective online platforms for landowners to list their properties and generate income from RV enthusiasts.

Your land is a valuable asset and you can make money from RVers by listing it on some of the top platforms that offer access to land for rent. Some of these platforms include:


CurbNTurf is the ultimate solution for adventure-seeking RV travelers looking for unique and convenient places to park their vehicles. This community-based online platform connects RV enthusiasts with landowners willing to provide private land for parking.

From serene coastal views and majestic mountainside scenery to vineyards, wineries, farm, and ranch land, CurbNTurf offers a vast array of destination “turf” sites. But that’s not all! If you’re looking for something more convenient, like a city lot or a downtown parking space, the platform has got you covered with “curb” options. Unlock the potential of your property as an outdoor haven with CurbNTurf – click here to learn more about how to list and share your unique property with the world!

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a membership-based network connecting RVers with landowners offering free overnight parking and camping spots across North America. Members can access private property owners who welcome them to park overnight for free, saving them from expensive campsites. The platform offers parking options like driveways, farms, and private land and encourages travelers to explore new destinations and create meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Boondockers Welcome’s mission is to provide a safe, legal, and respectful overnight parking option for RVers while also offering an opportunity for hosts to meet new people and share their love of travel and adventure.


Campspot is a web-based reservation and management software designed for campground and RV park owners and managers. It provides tools for managing reservations, rates, and availability, as well as campground amenities, such as site types, rentals, and activities. The software also includes features for online booking, payment processing, and customer management. Campspot helps campground and RV park owners and managers streamline their operations and improve their customer experience.

The Dyrt

From tents, RVs, and cabins, to glamping, The Dyrt has a lot of camping options for travelers. The platform provides an easy, intuitive way to search for campsites near you and book them at great prices. It is a great platform for landowners because the Dyrt Pro program allows landowners to list their properties for commission-free bookings.


Hipcamp connects landowners with people seeking unique outdoor experiences. Established in 2013, Hipcamp offers a range of distinctive accommodations, outdoor activities, and tools for landowners to manage their listings. Hipcamp also goes beyond traditional camping experiences, featuring outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and more. The platform aims to promote environmental sustainability, social impact, and community building.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a membership program for RV enthusiasts that links self-sufficient RV owners with exceptional overnight accommodations at wineries, breweries, farms, and other destinations. Members pay an annual fee to gain access to a network of hosts who offer complimentary parking on their premises, along with supplementary perks such as vineyard tours or farm visits.

Harvest Hosts provides unique and authentic experiences and focus on providing members with the opportunity to interact with the local community and support small businesses. Additionally, the program endorses sustainable tourism and the preservation of rural areas.


Tentrr collaborates with private landowners to create well-equipped campsites, featuring high-quality tents and comfortable bedding. These private and secluded campsites are located in scenic and remote areas, offering campers a unique and immersive outdoor experience, often located near hiking trails, lakes, and other natural attractions.

In addition to private and fully-equipped campsites, Tentrr provides amenities like private bathrooms, fire pits, grills, picnic tables, and a “CampKeeper” service, which offers assistance with setting up tents and providing local activity recommendations. Tentrr’s distinctive approach to camping has made it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts seeking a comfortable camping experience. They provide a focus on customer satisfaction, private and secluded campsites, and high-quality camping gear.

Multiple Opportunities to Monetize Your Land

There are many options available for landowners to list their properties and make extra revenue. Apartments for rent in providence ri can indeed be a source of revenue. It’s important to note that generating revenue from apartments also entails expenses such as mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, and advertising expenses. Proper financial planning and management are crucial to ensure the profitability of apartment rentals. Each of these platforms offers something different and presents a unique opportunity for landowners. The more platforms you list on, the more exposure you get, and the better chance you have of finding new customers. Whether you’re looking to earn extra income or simply share your love of travel and adventure with others, these platforms can help make it happen! So what are you waiting for? Start listing today!