Yair Dabush – “Excited To Do Business In The United Arab Emirates”

Yair Dabush, in front of Auschwitz Memorial in Poland

For years, Israeli entrepreneurs slipped in and out of Dubai incognito. Traveling on second passports or doing business through third parties.

It’s been around two months since Dubai and Bahrain signed agreements to normalize relations with Israel and open up embassies. Two high-tech countries normalizing travel and cooperation can lead to many good things, Israeli YouTuber Yair Dabush states.

Yair, who lives in Herzliya in Israel has been dreaming to visit the country of endless luxury and fancy cars since he was a young man. Unfortunately due to the global pandemic the world is currently in, his eagerness to visit will have to wait a little longer.

– Once our society goes back to normal after COVID19, I will be quick to pay a visit to the United Arab Emirates, Yair Dabush states.

The Visible Change

The first flight carrying Israeli tourists to the United Arab Emirates landed Sunday, November 8th, arranged by Gaya Tours and FlyDubai.

Dabush, who is a man of many traits, states that normalization between Israel and UAE will allow him to create and develop more entertaining content, branching out into different styles and industries. This will help him grow even bigger. Yair is currently one of the biggest gaming YouTubers in Israel, but aspire to go even further.

A Love For His Country

– I love my country and everything we’ve built. I believe cooperation and normalization between two of the most high-tech and fast-paced development countries in the middle east will open a lot of opportunities for both parties, and the world.

Yair Dabush, in front of Auschwitz Memorial in Poland
Yair Dabush with the Flag of Israel – Auschwitz Memorial (Poland).
Photo: Instagram (@dabush)

Yair, who can be seen posing with the flag of Israel on social media, visiting famous monuments in Judaism, such as Auschwitz and Birkenau states that he feels his country and the people of Israel get an unnecessary amount of cold shoulders from the world and the people therein.

– Perhaps people don’t know enough about Judaism, but I am committed to being an open book on the subject. People are free to believe what they want, and I try to incorporate this mentality in the content that I create for my fans and followers, Dabush adds.

Business Minded

Dabush has also dived into the industry of web development and “domaining” – an industry made up of thick wallets and endless opportunities.

– I aspire to one day start my own business. Being able to collaborate and cooperate with people in the same industry gives me great pleasure, and being able to work with the people of Dubai will be even greater. The domaining industry is made up of people all around the world, but the masterminds I seek are based in the UAE. I can’t wait to explore the endless opportunities of the United Arab Emirates, and I can’t wait to do business there, Yair Dabush smiles.