Known for his artistic vision and innovative style, Ishell Vaughan, founder of Ishell Vaughan Films and co-founder of Secret Society Motion Pictures, blends photography and cinematography into his craft, giving him unique insight into the industry.


In-depth knowledge of his business and an analytical approach are qualities that best describe Ishell Vaughan, and these characteristics give him the ability to deliver a unique experience to his clientele. Ishell has displayed an unrivaled passion for music production and video shooting, which has earned him massive popularity and also made him a successful film director.

Ishell did not initially start on this path as he gained 9 years of working experience after completing an Applied Science Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at DeVry University. Photography was only a hobby until he carried out a video shoot for a friend’s baby shower, and afterward, he realized the endless possibilities hidden behind honing this skill. From then onwards, Ishell has displayed immense talent, imaginative genius, and creativity within the art film genre with a unique blend of photography, filmmaking, and cinematography.

Putting in a great deal of focus and a poised perspective on his craft, Ishell successfully started his own filmmaking company, Ishell Vaughan Films. As a licensed drone operator, his company boasts a fleet of production-level drones at his beck and call for commercials, stock footage, and short films. 


Ishell has undisputably created an image for himself in the entertainment industry with experience working with several established companies like BMW of North America, BET, GQ Magazine, MTV, and Lamborghini, and famous artists like Akon. Having displayed high level of diligence, Ishell’s filmmaking skills have been highly recognized by the media industry, and he has won numerous awards for his work. He has been recognized by several prominent organizations and has bagged his most notable award at the Newark Film Festival for his movie “something in the water.” 

Due to his unique perspective and degree in Engineering, Ishell has a solid background in math and numbers, which has developed his analytical and problem-solving skills. This remains one of the reasons he has become well-known among his clients as a profound advocate that satisfies his clients, whatever the project. 

Being an industry professional with an epic vision and indispensable passion for his career and art, Ishell visualizes every content with an outlook for the most amazing creation. He utilizes his vast knowledge in photography and cinematography to create a masterpiece. 


Ishell has shown great enthusiasm towards giving back to the community in the best possible way, as his company runs a subsidiary called The Raw Sessions. This fraction of his company is aimed toward giving upcoming artists a chance to earn their space in the challenging and extremely competitive entertainment market by capturing their art and sharing it with the world. 

Talking about his plans for the future, Ishell mentions that he hopes to leave behind a legacy, and in five years, he plans to open a studio where inner-city children can learn entrepreneurship and filmmaking. 

Ishell also looks forward to releasing “My First Film,” a piece where he served as the director of photography. He also plans to release digital assets for filmmakers along with his own line of merchandise.

Learn more about the life of Ishell Vaughan by following his social media space on:

Instagram: @ishell.raw