Ocean Cay: Caribbean paradise of MSC Cruises

A really special destination? Indulge in relaxation in a paradisiacal setting with breathtaking views, crystal clear water and white sandy beaches: inaugurated Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, the private island of MSC Cruises designed for those who love holidays and nature.

To give its guests an unforgettable experience, MSC Cruises has transformed a former industrial site used for the extraction of sand into a real pearl of the Bimini Islands, a district in the western part of the Bahamas. The new island, about 50 hectares, is located just 65 miles off the Miami coast and is surrounded by a 64 square mile marine reserve and four smaller islets. Ocean Cay is the ideal retreat for guests wishing to discover the pure and unspoiled beauty of nature, thanks to a wide range of activities designed for all ages. From those dedicated to the discovery of the ocean such as snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, to relaxing in a beach hut or during a regenerating spa treatment; there is something for all tastes.
A breathtaking scenery with all the comforts

With more than two kilometers of wonderful white sand, Ocean Cay has seven beaches, each different from the other in charm and characteristics, designed for the most adventurous and sporty guests, the most vacationers and even the little ones. Next to the Great Bimini Beach for water activities, there are for example the Great Lagoon perfect for swimming in complete safety and the smaller Family Lagoon, designed for the entertainment of families and children, thanks to its shallow water and calm waters. safe.

With the relaxing echo of the ocean waves always in the background, you can choose from comfortable loungers to sunbathe or keep active with numerous excursions and water sports. Between sun and snorkeling to discover the wonders of the sea, you can enjoy the time of sunset in the kiosks on the beach and watch a movie under the starry sky, in an atmosphere of pure magic.

What makes the experience truly unique is the convenience of having the ship close to the island until the evening. Thanks to the pier, in fact, all cruise passengers can enjoy the unspoiled nature and experience the island in total relaxation, without giving up all on-board services. For a truly unique experience, it is possible to privately rent a smaller island located near the main body of Ocean Cay where you can enjoy a tent with sun beds and armchairs. In addition, a private boat is at your complete disposal for the whole day and an old wreck of a ship lends itself to fascinating underwater exploration.
Activities and entertainment

Among the many activities it is possible to try deep sea fishing and learn about the different species of fish fauna of the region thanks to the support of Gray Fish, the only research and fish labeling center in the Bahamas. With the Rum Rendezvous adult guests can also take a scenic boat ride to one of the beautiful shores of the Bahamas, with pristine, shallow waters, sipping a free rum punch and surrounded by live music and dancing.

For those who love to be lulled by the waves of the sea, you can opt for a ride on a Ceclo, the latest invention on the market: a luxury yacht-pedal boat, with electric assistance ready for any eventuality and made of recycled champagne cork, wood and aluminum or explore the marine life at dusk with a relaxing ride under a starry sky with a special equipped table, equipped with LED lighting that allows guests to glide on a beam of light through the calm waters of the Bahamas.

Entertainment on the island takes place around the iconic lighthouse, 30 meters high and landmark of the island, which houses a Hemingway-style bar and a terrace where you can admire an incredible show given by the thousand shades of the Caribbean sea to the sunset lights, sip cocktails and listen to live music. There is also space for shopping in the four commercial areas where guests can buy essential goods and choose unique souvenirs made by local artisans and companies to perfectly convey the spirit of the Bahamas.

Inside the authentic Balinese spa on board, you can relax with rejuvenating treatments or with one of the massages with aromatic spray waters with soothing and refreshing properties for the parts of the body that are normally most exposed to the sun. All beauty products used on the island are biodegradable and eco-friendly.
A sustainable choice

The island was born with the aim of creating a sustainable destination where you can enter into total harmony with nature and make yourself useful for the environment. “Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is destined to become one of the iconic destinations for our guests – explained Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises.