Focus and Discipline Part of Entrepreneur Jem Bourouh’s DNA

Focus and Discipline Part of Entrepreneur Jem Bourouh’s DNA
Focus and Discipline Part of Entrepreneur Jem Bourouh’s DNA

The remarkable growth of Jem Bourouh is showing no signs of slowing down. We hear all about his journey so far and the keys to his success.

Crucial Traits

Individuals attempting to make it in the fast-paced, fierce and intense world of business face countless challenges.

Without a doubt, there are many key traits that people bidding to make their mark and succeed must possess.

Jem Bourouh, a 23-year-old full-time entrepreneur who was born and raised in Germany, is well and truly equipped with the talents required to thrive.

Jem Bourouh sold more than $20,000,000 with his eCommerce businesses. He started his marketing agency called Acdubator back in 2018, which also invests in smaller DTC brands and acts as a VC. His education-focused entity is called eCom Incubator.

Jem believes you need extreme focus and discipline to make it in this industry, with a lot of people coming into this industry thinking that they can work less and make more. 

But he emphasized that the reality is that you work more and make less, initially at least. And if you are bringing the exact habits from your 9-to-5 job or whatever put you there in the first place, while expecting massive results, then you are in for a rude awakening.

Jem believes a lot of people fall into “floating-mode” because of this, not knowing what the next step is. As a result, they lose a lot of money, end up gambling with their money and end up being taken advantage of by unethical marketers and companies.

Cut Out Excuses

But Jem insists that the easiest thing to do and improve quickly is just to remove all the excuses out of your life before adding additional stress.

Entrepreneurship is not easy. Tactics, strategies, and tools are nothing if you do not have the mindset. Business success is correlated directly with how you are as a person.

If you master your habits and have the work ethic, determination and skills needed then anything is possible. There is a huge amount of opportunity out there.

But aside from work, Jem has highlighted the importance of setting aside time for his passions when he has free time.

Traveling is the biggest passion of his and he loves getting to know different cultures, going sightseeing, experiencing the flair of a new country and talking to people.
Surfing and kitesurfing are both a huge passion of his, which he is trying to do it at least four times a year. Career focus is crucial – but it also vital to set aside time for your passions to enable you to recharge your batteries.

Drop Shipping leader

Jem and his team have scaled several clients from $0-$1,000,000 in revenue in just 30 days.

Furthermore, they made the TikTok leggings viral and are responsible for the peak on Google Trends – and they sold more than 120,000 units.

Jem also scaled a beauty company to $780,000 in attributed revenue during BFCM. Jem Bourouh and his team manage the entire Google Ads platform and grow and scale eCommerce businesses to 9 figure revenue. They are one of the most reputable Google Ads agencies in the entire world.

Jem is spending around $12,000,000 a month right now in his agency for his clients and therefore being one of the biggest spenders in the world, along with scaling a company for 6 times to 1,000,000€ a day with their product launches.

Jem is also a leader in the drop shipping eCommerce community in the world. He was awarded by Zipify (Shopify’s top upsell app) multiple times for $1 million plus in upsells and was awarded by Clickfunnels 2-Comma-Award within two months.

But while the business is one of the most reputable agencies for Google Ads in the world and one of the most reputable media buyers for Google Ads, there is much more that Jem and his team are determined to achieve in the coming years. You will just have to find out what is next.

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