Favignana, the relaxing island to explore on foot or by bike

If you are a lover of the sea and are thinking of a relaxing holiday in Italy, you cannot help but put the island of Favignana at the top of your preferences. Favignana, a precious stone of the archipelago of the Egadi islands, is located a few kilometers away from the west coast of Sicily. It is perfect for getting around on foot or by bike, to explore its natural beauties: with your group you can leave the car at the guarded parking lot of the port of Marsala and go to the discovery of this paradise and its iconic beaches. When configuring the perfect itinerary, you must not forget to include some stages that are essential to understand the soul and spirit of this magical place. This is the case of the Lovers’ Cave, perfect for giving unique emotions to all diving enthusiasts: the seabed is pristine. Among the most beautiful beaches on the island – and perhaps in all of Italy – Cala Rossa is also worth mentioning: a piece of land overlooking a crystalline sea, surrounded by cliffs perfect for admiring the surrounding landscape.

If you are passionate about sea traditions, add another stop: the Florio family’s trap. It is a museum designed to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and the truest history of this island and its symbols. The charm of castles is truly eternal, which is why visiting Santa Caterina – a magnificent Norman fortress – can be an emotionally important experience. Even if it is in a state of neglect, its beauty is timeless.
True traditions and exploration of the coves: a map

On the island, the concept of slow tourism becomes a reality, given the opportunity to move around in complete calm and tranquility on two wheels. The coast is full of coves and shores with little sight: you are spoiled for choice.

The views that Favignana can offer are truly exceptional, but don’t forget that we are on an island surrounded by an enchanting sea. Rent a boat or a dinghy and go and see how blue the water can be, before devoting yourself to a mouth-watering food and wine study.

On the island, tuna is the absolute protagonist of the cuisine, it is processed in the famous traps and stored following the rules of the most authentic traditions. We have mentioned the beauty of the beaches of Favignana, characterized by a magnificent and very fine sand. With a focus also on the presence (and the beauty of discovering) its many coves and coves. However, rocky areas are not lacking, as is the case of Punta Fanfalo – perfect for intensive diving sessions and snorkeling – and Grotta Perciata.

The sunset in Favignana is a work of art, choose to observe it while lying comfortably on one of the beaches of Punta Lunga. Lovers of archeology and culture will not be disappointed: the area of ​​the tuff quarries and the archaeological area of ​​San Nicola are precious testimonies, not to be missed.