5-star flights? The top class of the skies!

For most people, just the thought of having to take a plane flight makes them anxious and nervous, but probably only because they have not yet been among the lucky ones to have tried the extra-comfort scheduled flights that some very popular lines make available to passengers.

Real vices in flight, ultramodern cabins to satisfy the most absolute relaxation request. After trying to fly with these planes, it is certain that an 18-hour journey will not seem like the end of the world so much, on the contrary, you will hardly see the time for the return trip.

First Class of Emirates Airlines A380 comes first. Equipped with a private suite all to yourself that offers a Shower Spa. You can enjoy a refreshing and rejuvenating shower at a height of 10,000 meters, ready and scented for your business meeting as soon as you land. The bathroom accessories are signed by Bulgari and Timeless Spa.

The competition from Etihad is not outdone and with its Etihad Airways Diamond First Class you can live the experience of a true 5-star restaurant with a Personal Chef who cooks exclusively for you during the flight. In addition, the cook uses only fresh organic products, eggs and honey locally sourced from Abu Dhabi Organic Farms and prepares dishes based on the tastes and preferences of individual passengers on the spot. The “The Residence” suite, designed for one or two passengers who choose to travel together away from prying eyes, is also one of the Etihad’s flagships.

The echo of distant Singapore is felt with Singapore Airlines First Class, for a national airline bordering on the exceptional. They too focus on the food experience with an extrasensory culinary experience. In fact, the line has established the International Culinary Panel, made up of some of the most recognized and awarded chefs, who have the task of creating a unique selection of dishes served on board the aircraft. The excellent Calvisus caviar has recently been included among the available choices. Food is also served using Wedgwood’s refined and regal dinner service.

Delta Airlines offers its passengers a Porsche pick up service to start the journey in a big way, but only to major airports such as Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Minneapolis. Selected passengers are escorted gate-to-gate to their connecting flight in a Porsche vehicle and met by a Delta Elite Services Representative who will accompany them on their journeys.

France also adapts and with the La Première class on Air France, offers an armchair that converts into a two-meter bed for the well-being of the passenger. Pampering also for the palate; the kitchen offers foie gras, a selection of cheeses, Lenôtre pastries and a wine list chosen by Olivier Poussier, the best sommelier in the world in 2000.

The Lufthansa First Class Terminal also deserves a mention, in fact passengers give it a 5-star rating for the impeccable comfort it offers. The passenger who gets on the A380, the quietest in the world, also enjoys the innovative automatic air humidification system and a large bed measuring 80 cm by 207 in length, which can be reclined according to preference.

Air Malta responds to other airlines by launching Sky Spa, a free Spa on board a commercial short-haul flight. Service that no other airline offers free to passengers, an initiative made possible thanks to the collaboration with Myoka Spas, a well-known company in the wellness sector in Malta.

Then we have the Swiss Business Class which conceives for its passengers a spacious workstation that becomes a modestly sized bed (well 2 meters). As if that were not enough, you can activate the massage function while you relax and abandon yourself to comfort.

The last gem, but still in the planning stage, is the unlikely SkyDeck. Bordering science fiction, it is a completely glass lounge on the plane’s roof dedicated only to the wealthiest travelers. A special location that will allow two very wealthy passengers to travel in the middle of the clouds. The gimmick is from Windspeed Technologies which has already presented the project to the National Business Aviation Association in Las Vegas.