YODEZEEN Architects: From Ukraine to Worldwide Raging Success

YODEZEEN Architects

In the world of architecture, one particular company is making great strides.  It is none other than YODEZEEN Architects which has an expertise in both architectural as well as interior design.  Today, YODEZEEN has offices sporadically placed in cities around the globe: Miami, Los Angeles, Kyiv, Moscow, and Milan.  However, that was not always the case.  As many entrepreneurs can likely relate, it all began with a dream.

Humble Beginnings

Roughly 11 years ago, in 2010, two individuals had freshly graduated from college. These individuals were none other than Artem Zverev and Artur Sharf who were at the prime age of 20 at the time.  They were equipped with the bare minimum: an architectural degree alongside a burning passion for the art that is architecture.  They describe their circumstances in their own words, “we had nothing: no contracts, no team, no office. We were just young guys — dreamers who wanted to create an outstanding design.”

YODEZEEN In Its Early Days

In the beginning, it was not easy.  Their work was not exactly cut out for them.  Zverev and Sharf found themselves having to assert themselves in a competitive world.  One sacrifice they made in an effort to attract clientele was offering free consultations where they would essentially create elaborate designs in exchange for no payment at all.  However, it was not for nothing and the efforts were not in vain.  Although they did not receive monetary compensation, they did build their portfolio up in this manner which was an imperative step in the process.  As the saying goes, “there is a method to the madness” and it just so happens to ring true in this case.  Zverev and Sharf’s efforts paid off as they began to be acquainted with more high profile clients as they gained more experience under their built and expanded their portfolio.  

What YODEZEEN Looks Like Today

Today YODEZEEN has expanded beyond just being in the scope of Zverev and Sharf alone.  They are now backed by a team of like minded individuals and aspirations with offices around the world.  Some of their most notable projects include restaurants, stores, bars, and more.  One particular restaurant that they were entrusted with designing, the “Catch Seafood Restaurant”, earned their team a total of three outstanding rewards one of which put them as the finalists for the SBID International Design Awards.  

What Is In the Works For YODEZEEN

As successful as YODEZEEN has become and has truly stamped a name for itself in the competitive world of architecture, Zverev and Sharf are thinking as fresh-mindedly as ever.  To them, it is only the beginning and they have only begun to barely scratch the surface.  They have aspirations to get more involved with the commercial world, especially with hotels.  As they put it in their own words, “We want to create unique, inimitable concepts for hospitality providers, boutique hotels, or point investors worldwide. ”  Other projects in the making include a twist to YODEZEEN, “YORESIDENCE”, which will be a dive into suburban real estate as Zverev, Sharf, and their team of diligent fellow architects and designers will be creating a gated cottage community for the first time in the history of their portfolio.  The goal in mind is to improve the overall standard and quality of life for those who will be residing in the area once the project is complete, “it is a new mission for our team to accumulate a large amount of knowledge on how to implement suburban real estate qualitatively and build it highly aesthetically.”  

YODEZEEN has been in the architectural game going on eleven years strong and it only keeps getting better and better from this point forward.  To keep up with YODEZEEN, follow their social media handles: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.