Traveling the World as a Nomad Marketer with Stepan Talabira

stepan talabira

Stepan Talabira is a famous marketing agency owner and digital nomad who has played a crucial role in growing the on-the-go entrepreneurship movement in the past decade. 

A long time computer geek, Stepan has been intrigued by mathematics, cybernetics, cryptography and all things related to the web, internet and technology. His multiple businesses never stopped him from discovering the beautiful planet we live in. 

He recently launched a department for Paid Media and Advertising to help big brands and companies go from medium size to globally acclaimed brands serving owners and founders from all continents. You can find his agency at

“Turn a Negative Into a Positive. Try to accumulate experience and learn everything possible in different areas. Force yourself to do what you are most afraid to do.” 
This has been Stepan’s mantra when it comes to mindset and this led him to be able to travel while keeping his businesses afloat and thriving in a competitive market. 

Future Goals

While traveling, Stepan noticed the diversity in valuable skills from various remote workers he would run into. He realised that digital nomadness is a real thing and it’s happening at fast pge. “I’d be in a Cafe in Bangkok and come across a web developer that could build marketing funnels. I’d sit down trying to learn with them and that connection, in a remote country, with a stranger, made me think. I love the possibilities Internet gives us more every day”  

For a long time Stepan had the goal to travel with his family and gift his children with the amazing experiences travel can provide you.

“This is why I pushed hard in building digital businesses and companies, I knew I wanted to be able to grow my businesses from anywhere on Earth.”

A global vision

So the idea for PremiumAds was born early in my mind. Advertising is crucial in growing companies and brands. Organic is limited and doesn’t allow you to go to the next level. Building a “remotely based” agency for high performance advertising will allow many entrepreneurs to gain freedom and results at the same time.

To learn more from Stepan’s journey, visit his Facebook and Official Website: