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How Nidah Barber’s Holistic Approach To Chemical Peels Made An Impact On The Beauty Industry

Nidah Barber

Chemical peels have started a new beauty trend, but many are still hesitant to get the procedures for fear of getting adverse reactions on their skin. But Nidah Barber, founder of The Peel Connection, says otherwise. The professional aesthetician and chemical peel expert aim to bring awareness to the many benefits of chemical peels and how they can become a life-changing experience when done the right way. Establishing the first company solely concentrating on chemical peels, Nidah has changed perspectives and gained recognition for her signature chemical peels.

Over the past 11 years, Nidah has delivered over 30,000 chemical peels to clients from all walks of life, be it celebrities or ordinary folks. “There is no one alive who has done more than me,” she proudly said. The creator of the famous foot peel amplified across major platforms called the SmoothPeel, Nidah has truly started a revolution in the beauty industry, changing the standard for chemical peel services available on the market. The professional aesthetician performs her world-renowned chemical peels all over the body – including the foot, back, and legs. 

In addition, Nidah has been offering her chemical peel services at her clients’ homes since the onset of the pandemic. Despite the restrictions, Nidah saw it as an opportunity to provide whatever her clients needed anywhere at any time. Her home peel and two-step layered peel application process was made available because of the pandemic, making her chemical peels accessible despite the impending global health crisis.

“I got into this industry by receiving a chemical peel over 12 years ago. It was such an instant transformation to my face, seeing brightness and a smoother complexion, that I was hooked. I started researching all different types of chemical peels and acids. And then set out to become a licensed aesthetician only offering chemical peels,” Nidah narrated. Over a decade later, she is offering one of the country’s most sought-after chemical peel services and has been featured across beauty and wellness platforms, such as Insider Beauty and Refinery 29. After her life-changing experience, Nidah made it her mission to bring the same refreshing feeling to others.

While various salons and spas offer chemical peels as one of their services, Nidah noted that no other places in the beauty industry primarily offer chemical peels. “They offer facials and other services. I only offer chemical peels. And I am the first company to offer a two-step professional home peel application to the public. COVID brought this on, and it has been a remarkable business model change,” Nidah said, highlighting the consumer behavior changes brought by the pandemic.

“My long-term goal would be to become a nationally-recognized chemical peel company that offers peels to the public; to destigmatize chemical peels by offering a layered approach of chemical peels with moderate percentages; to really get the public to see that chemical peels don’t have to be very aggressive to accomplish great results,” Nidah said. “My tip is to always start with the least invasive procedure on your skin. Chemical peels are a great way to get results without causing trauma to the skin,” she added.

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