How Gaming Youtuber Altin Bodini Travels The Globe While Streaming and Earning!

altin bodini

Since the birth of the internet, opportunities have grown and grown. Especially for younger people. The people who wouldn’t usually start earning an income until after years of education.

That’s all changed! The internet has provided us with a wide variety of avenues to go down. One of the more popular markets for today’s youth is content creation. More specifically, YouTube content creation.

YouTube has become the go-to for a lot of young creative types and that may have something to do with the huge earning potential it has…

It isn’t just the money earned that’s attractive though, it’s also the freedom. When creating content, unlike your standard nine to five, you can do it from anywhere! Our subject today has certainly used this option to his advantage.

Altin Bodini is a success story to say the least. He started off acting in his home country of Albania quickly escalating to starring in some of the biggest Albanian films out there! But this wasn’t enough. He wanted to branch out and what better place than YouTube!

Channel Info

His channel “AL Play” currently holds 62.8k subscribers and is growing quickly! It also boasts around 7.5 million views. So how does this translate to money?

Well Altin makes $4 for every 1,000 views. For this as well as his acting gigs, he has a certain financial freedom to say the least.

Travel While You Work

Bodini is free to travel wherever he wants and can still keep up with content! This can even help content quality depending on the genre.

All he and many other Youtubers need is some basic equipment and access to the internet to create from anywhere on the planet!

Ever wanted to get paid whilst vacationing in Barbados or worried about missing work because of a trip? No problem for Altin!

He currently also streams while he plays and has done from multiple countries for quite some time!

I’m starting to see the attraction here…

To summarise, YouTube is an absolutely brilliant platform down to its earning potential, flexibility and freedom.

It all sounds too good to be true. Well, the truth is, the majority fail! It’s all mindset and persistence that will get you to the stage Altin is today. It’s not enough to play with it, I believe you need a strict schedule and keep it!

Having said that, it’s far from impossible if you have the right determination and motivation. So, what are we waiting for? Travelling the world and getting paid!

I’m booking my flights now…

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