How does Paraguay make money?

Paraguay has a long history of being a haven for those seeking residency. This was especially true during the Chaco War when many refugees sought refuge in Paraguay. Paraguay still offers many opportunities for residency, including economic opportunity and stability. The country is home to many natural resources, making it a valuable destination for business investment. Paraguay is one of the few countries in Latin America that does not have a significant debt burden.

Residency in Paraguay is a valid legal status that allows foreigners to live and work there. The process of obtaining residency is usually straightforward, and most applicants need only to provide documentation confirming their identity and residence in Paraguay. While residency doesn’t offer many benefits beyond ordinary citizenship, it’s an important step in establishing a permanent presence in Paraguay.


Paraguay is an interesting country to reside in because of its diverse landscape, climate, and culture. Agriculture is the backbone of the Paraguayan economy, with a significant portion of the population employed in this sector. Manufacturing is also an important part of the Paraguayan economy, with a number of high-tech companies based in the country. Tourism is also a growing industry in Paraguay, with visitors drawn to the country’s stunning scenery and friendly people.


Paraguay has long been a beneficiary of preferential trading agreements with its neighbors, particularly Brazil and Argentina. As a result, Paraguayan agricultural products are highly valued in the regional market, and the country has developed a strong export industry. Paraguay is also home to many resident foreign agricultural workers, many of whom are from Brazil. This contributes to a thriving trade in goods between Paraguay and its neighbors and other Latin American countries.


The tourism sector is Paraguay’s main source of income, contributing around 25% to the total GDP. This has helped make Paraguay a favored destination for foreign tourists, with over 2 million visitors in 2016. The industry has seen steady growth over the past few years, thanks partly to increased international interest in Latin America’s emerging economies. The government has done its part by investing in infrastructure and marketing efforts.


Paraguay has been a popular residency destination for immigrants since the early days of its independence. However, the country’s recent economic challenges are likely to significantly impact the number of people choosing to reside in Paraguay. The government is trying to attract new investment, but this may be not easy given the global economic climate. Additionally, the country’s infrastructure is aging and needs significant improvement.