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Editors pick: MODE12- Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Every classic song needs a remix. Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy is no different.
You were likely unaware that there have already been several remixes of the 90’s rave classic, all of
which remain unknown. This is down to how forgetful these versions are.
The most recent one on this list being the “Gok Wan x Craig Knight” version. The less said about this
mix the better. Although, if you suffer with insomnia you may very well find your cure within this
Enter “MODE12, who has waded in on the “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” reworking conversation.
I always attempt to find out about those behind the track before publishing these articles, however
it is almost impossible to find out anything of substance about this artist.
His online biographies claim that he is British, has been producing music almost forever, and that he
is “clandestine”. The latter may go some way to explaining the lack of information.
One thing that is evident is the wealth of quality and experience “MODE12” clearly has as a music
I doth my cap to this magnificent remodelling of such an iconic musical hit.
His 2022 remake is packed with the perfect concoction of ingredients to take you right back to those
sweat, drug and booze filled nights of the 90’s, yet mixed with beautifully balanced & master-crafted
modern production elements and techniques to remind the listener that they are indeed in 2022.
The decision to “switch It up” and feature a male vocal is a really quite genius move, and one that I
was not expecting before pressing play. A plunge into the dark. This shows confidence and
I have made several predictions about tracks that have come along and impressed me like this. Here
is another.
I predict that this song will become a global hit and be pumping out of car, club and radio station
sound systems far and wide imminently.
If the main mix is not enough, this track also comes with a VIP version available to download to keep
those whose preference veers towards the more “straight club” style of music entertained.
Nice job, MODE12

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