It is like a world in the world where a dream can be realized, where it is possible to access the possible. It is an incredible part of the world to get to know, meet and why not, where possible, do business with it.

The dichotomy of emotions that creates a trip to Dubai

it is evident in the opinions between those who consider it one of the most beautiful cities in the world and those who, by contrasting its modernity, consider it a “horrible” city.

So much so that this city with sparkling lights, with a life that never stops. You can say and write about everything, listing its records, talking about its desert, its modernity up to the tradition in the souks in the old city. In short, everything belongs to its territory, transforming tradition into innovation and innovation into absolute tradition.
In Dubai, even the most difficult will find something interesting to do, it’s a bit like a wonderland.

Everything in Dubai can be done, which can only be discovered by experiencing this wonderful city. Perfect flight, soft landing and off to the city of a thousand surprises, with very high skyscrapers, with futuristic architecture. It is exciting to walk embraced by these constructions whose end you cannot see.

The suspended subway makes the whole even more evocative, it is like being inside a space city. The unparalleled shops full of precious things, clothes, bags, shoes, jewels, objects of all kinds. It is all about excess, unbridled luxury, infinitely expensive.

Then, there is a part of Dubai that contrasts with this incredible liveliness, where life never seems to stop: it is the old city. A place, where the rhythms calm down, between the spice souk, the gold souk and the fabric souk, is all a labyrinth of streets, alleys, shops and colors that allow you to savor the ancient heart of this lost people in the most eccentric and luxurious consumerism.

Old Dubai is a space set in a territory of visceral flavors that clashes with the sparkle of the Champagne Bar!

Here the locals adhere to the culture of the country, the people belong to the local ethnicity, everything goes through the normality that has been lost in Dubai business. Life flows along the Creek, wooden boats with the Emirati flag swinging waiting for customers, and at sunset the river comes alive, with the reflections of the buildings that frame it.
A trip to Dubai has the preciousness of having two worlds enclosed in a single city, even if the most intense emotion is given by the desert.

The desert of the Arab Emirates is an infinite space of sand, dunes, animals, immersed in a delicate orange color that gradually clears up when it reaches the sea. The desert either you love it, being struck by its enchanting atmosphere, or you move away, because you cannot bear the strange sensation in which you are catapulted.

You are in the midst of immense pale red dunes where it is easy to cross families of white Oryx.

Seeing the sunrise, the first rays of the sun that transform the dunes into long silver shadows and waiting for the sunset, which illuminates the long horns of the oryx is an experience that is rooted in the soul like an indelible trace.

So the cold of the night in the desert is warmed by the deepest emotions that a territory like this is able to give with its noises, its colors, its long silences, the hiss of the breath of the people who live in your own tent, the long black horns of the Oryx, and then make way for the hot sun that makes its entrance at dawn.

In Dubai the important thing is to know how to choose well where to stay.

There are hotels for every taste, for every possibility, which offer packages for a special holiday that nourishes and satisfies the customer’s needs. The many hotels in Dubai fill the view and invite you to spend a new holiday to experience new accommodation possibilities.

Those who take a trip to Dubai cannot miss the Burj Khalifa, 160 floors that take you to touch the sky. It is the tallest skyscraper in the world with its 828 meters. A very fast elevator equipped with music takes you to the top floor, so you can reach the top in a few minutes, without even realizing it.

There is a terrace surrounding the skyscraper, from where you can see all of Dubai at 360 °. The contrast between the lights and liveliness on one side and the darkness and nothingness on the other gives an intense emotion.

Dubai is a long strip of life in the middle of the desert.

In front of the Burj Khalifa, there is the Dubai Mall, the dancing fountains are something not to be missed. Countless fountains that, with different music, dance, play, plunge into the water and then rise up, like dolphins.