Andrea Vetrano Explains Why He is One of the Most Appreciated Travel Influencers by Hotels Worldwide

andrea vetrano

Why you should know his story? Well, like all of us out there you love to travel and you have a taste for luxurious, breathtaking holiday destinations. Andrea Vetrano has been a luxury travel influencer for the last three years. Through his experience, he gained specific expertise in this wonderful world of luxurious industry. 

Andrea Vetrano became a travel influencer once he received a message from a luxurious hotel offering a stay. He always loved to travel and the destinations by the sea are the ones he prefers. He’s been to numerous exotic places and everything was possible through his hard work and continuous development.

His social media accounts are nicely organized with high-quality pictures, short videos, and speechless views. With a degree in Computer Science, Andrea had to learn how to grow on the internet and how to create a remarkable social presence.

Together with extravagant involvement, sometimes Andrea Vetrano experiences some funny situations as well. Let’s hear the story directly from him.  

I once was in Venice/Italy and ordered a Cappuccino with whipped cream (instead of this milk foam, which I hate). The waiter refuses to serve such a Cappuccino, but I insisted.

Shortly after, the owner of the Cafe came to me and said in a charming Italian accent, that

for him it would be a crime to put whipped cream on an excellent Cappuccino and he will make me an original one, which I don’t have to pay, but he can’t serve whipped cream on his Cappuccino. I felt bad and ordered tea instead.

Even if we can mainly see just the result of the time invested in creating original content, this does not mean that the job is as relaxing as it seems to be. Without a doubt, the life of a travel influencer has its advantages but behind the scenes, it takes as much work as a full-time job. Want to see how Andrea’s schedule looks like? Say no more!

-Content production and editing (articles, videos, photos, and so on);

-Strategic and operational management of the brand’s social channels (because, after all, an influencer is a brand in itself);

-Marketing and digital PR activities that include strategic planning and contact with companies;

– Commercial activities that may also include the search for customers for their services.

This means that real life is highly reflected in his work and online activity. What keeps Andrea Vetrano on track? Creativity! This is his motivation every single time when he has to create something new. He is aware of the high-quality content he has to deliver. The adventure of creating something new, original, and authentic available for the entire world to see is not always the easiest thing to do. But with passion, determination, and curiosity this mountain can be conquered. This is how a solid online reputation is built and the trust of luxurious brands is suddenly gained, thus adding value to the hotels.

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The dreamy landscapes and the variety of his content is really something to cherish day by day. You will see from his posts that travel brings confidence and freedom.